Here, at Pravi Junak, we are striving to provide the board game enthusiasts with the best, the most popular and the most anticipated board games across different genres. We are especially focused on broadening horizons for everyone, who is intrigued by the board games, but might find ever growing selection of games a little bit daunting.


Our mission


To provide a selection of modern board games and to support customer-oriented services with advanced and secured platforms.


We are just like you


We played old time favourites, like Monopoly, Uno and Sorry! to oblivion, and always wondered and believed, that there has to be something more. In came The Settlers of Catan, the board game that ignited our passion, and never let us off the leash. We have started to explore - we found out about the medieval area control game called Carcassonne and the WWII themed game for two-players named Memoir '44, but very soon ended up playing the civilization building epic Through the Ages - we were hooked. This is a journey we want you to take on, too!


Not just a store


Our passion for the board games is the cornerstone of everything we do here at Pravi Junak:

    • game descriptions are concise and colourful, by which we are trying to get across the spirit of the game,
    • games are grouped into collections that make sense and make your choice easier,
    • our loyalty program rewards your engagement and your purchases,
    • our blog is a testament of our commitment, we will be posting frequently about the board game culture and lingo, will answer your questions and report about our latest adventures from our tables.


Your feedback is key


We have been working hard for months to be able to present you with our opening selection of board games. It is a great collection, but much is still missing. We have a long list of games we want to provide you with in the future. But, if there are some games you believe we should absolutely not miss out on, just send us a message. =)