Fun for Everyone

We are Jure and Gašper, founders of the board game publisher Pravi Junak. As board game enthusiasts, we decided to work in this field after establishing, that board games teach us to:

    • socialize and cooperate - board games bring us together and forge our social skills, we learn how to compete within the rules of the game, not for any price,
    • merge fun and learning - relaxing while solving challenges, fostering cognitive abilities, dealing with puzzles and problems logically and creatively,
    • be socially responsible - connecting generations, socialising without electronic devices, quality products.

Therefore, we strive to introduce to everyone the kind of modern board games, which are enriched by inventive mechanisms of play, where there is no waiting for your turn, games, that are not focused on competitiveness, but towards cooperation, games, that you can play with anyone, anywhere!


Our mission


To entertain and to bring generations together with the help of innovative games.


    Jure, co-founder and older brother:

      • favourite colour of meeples: yellow
      • favourite board game: Luxor
      • favourite Pravi Junak game: The Mind


    Gašper, co-founder and younger brother:

      • favourite colour of meeples: red
      • favourite board game: Power Grid
      • favourite Pravi Junak game: Illusion


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    If you have any further questions, wishes, comments, complaints or compliments, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer!