Difference Junior International


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Difference je čudovita igra s kartami, pri kateri iščemo razlike na kartah.
👥 2-6 😊 4-7 ⏱ 20min

V tej družinski družabni igri, primerni tudi za otroke, iščemo razlike na čudovitih kartah. Ko opaziš dve razliki med tvojo karto in karto na sredini, se znabiš svoje karte. Igralec, ki se prvi znebi vseh kart, zmaga.

"Based on the popular "spot the differences" challenges found in books, newspapers and elsewhere, Difference Junior challenges your abilities to observe and react quickly. The deck includes two sets of double-sided cards, with one set being more challenging than the other. Place one card in the center of the table, then deal the rest out to players as evenly as possible.

To start, each player looks at the top card of their stack, then tries to spot the two differences between their card in hand and the reference card on the table. Whoever spots their particular differences first stops play, demonstrates them to everyone, places their card on top of the reference card (creating a new challenge for everyone), then draws the next card from their deck. Whoever gets rid of all of their cards first wins!"

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