Monopoly Crooked Cash EN


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Monopoly družabna igra Crooked Cash.

👥 2–6 😊 8+ ⏱ 60 min

Monopoly Crooked Cash je samostojna verzija priljubljene namizne igre Monopoly. 

V tej igri zmaga tisti igralec, ki na koncu igre zbere največ denarja, pravega in "fake".

"In the Monopoly Crooked Cash game things aren't always as they seem. Someone added fake cash and fake Chance cards! Luckily, Mr. Monopoly is giving players his decoder so they can find the fakes and still make a fortune. It's an exciting game of hidden reveals, and players get to challenge their opponents for using fakes with accusation coins."

Ekonomska, Kartanje, Zbiranje nizov

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